Your Brother's Keeper (CD Single)

I was inspired by President Barack Obama’s “My Brother’s Keeper Initiative Program” to write this song. The purpose of his program was to put more focus on our youth by giving them more opportunities to succeed in life. I’ve had the opportunity to teach and work with young teenagers for six years, and I understand the need for more mentoring and giving constructive guidance. I’ve also noticed the rise in violence with young teens in the City of Chicago and our nation. This song was written to send a message that we must begin to pay more attention, inspire and support our youth. Also, our youth must begin to be the keeper and protector of each other.  “You’ve got to be Your Brother’s Keeper”.


Your Brother's Keeper




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Michael has released his latest CD “A Special Thing” featuring Najee. This project is very special. It allowed him to create a timeless piece of work for the listeners to enjoy and travel through musical sounds that capture the romance, the reminiscence of old school days, and an adventure through a secret door of mystery with a groove. Yes, “A Special Thing” just for you.

This smoky, seductive slice of smooth jazz comes with the added bonus of some of the finest male vocals I’ve heard in quite some time, barring a few special names.  Guitarist/ vocalist/composer Michael Ross, who is no stranger to the genre (having released 3 other CDs dating back to the late 90s), pours on the charm in abundance, both with his guitar and his easy, silky vocals, with his latest offering, A Special Thing.
With an opening and title track that sways with that special rhythm that might remind one of walking along the shores of Rio de Janeiro, hand-in-hand with that special someone, Ross sets a delightfully tasteful tone that starts here and might move through the end of the album, but certainly not to the end of the experience. 





 Michael's latest CD project “Reloaded” is a collaboration of the best songs chosen from his previous CDs plus an added addition of two new arrangements of Curtis Mayfield classic version of “Gypsy Woman”.The fans of Michael Ross will be delighted to see and hear that he is back in the mix and the newcomers will wonder why they haven’t heard of him before. He always treated you with a vocal or two. His vocal and guitar arrangement of “Gypsy Woman” will draw you into the music instantly. Like an artist he managed to create the mood and paint you a picture that you vividly can imagine yourself being there in the moment. This is a must have CD, featuring original songs like “The Boss” that won him Best Jazz Album of 2004. “Her Latin Dance”, another smooth original composition that gives you that authentic Latin flavor. Michael Ross original music is more than satisfying and his cover tunes will keep you remembering. You will be extremely impressed with this CD, and at the very end he leaves you with a poem entitled “Say You’ll Come With Me”. This is a flawless piece of work that will leave you asking for more. Those of you who haven’t experience Michael Ross’s music will be in for a real treat. 




Bright Moments Ahead


Michael Ross started out the year with his new release Bright Moments Ahead. This is his third CD. His distinctive and captivating sound personifies the NAC/Smooth Jazz sound, it's a must-hear. It's evident that he plays from the heart with an exciting touch that seems to light up your mood. Track one The Boss gives you the essence of cool and smooth all combined into one. Track four, That Summer Night takes you right into that hot exciting summer night. Track 5 is the title track, Bright Moments Ahead. This song will give you that positive feeling that something great is about to happen. Track six, Michael kicks off with Her Latin Dance, giving it that authentic flavor. He's playing a nylon acoustic guitar on that track. This is an all-around great CD, he's someone you don't want to miss.




The Last Love Letter


The Last Love Letter is Michael Ross's second CD. This enabled him to be placed in the R&R magazine in the categories of Most Added, Most Increased Plays, and New & Active. Also the title song was add on KJZY 93.7 smooth jazz sampler. He performs a beautiful rendition of Sade's Kiss Of Life. It seems That Michael created a love story through out this entire CD, a very interesting approach. Produced by; DMM Production.

We Finally Meet

Michael Ross "We Finally Meet" was his first debut CD that was embraced by NAC smooth jazz radio, national and international. His hit song" Latin Affair" was put in heavy rotation on the radio which brought the attention of many smooth jazz fans. He also plays a beautiful rendition of Oleta Adam's song "Get Here"  A must hear CD.  


We Finally Meet, was the beginning of Michael's debut CD. This album far exceeded the expectation of the guitarist/composer, selling 11,000 units. A new CD was not only expected, rather it was demanded of him. Native  Chicagoan, Michael had never dreamed that his sound would be so readily add to NAC and UAC radio throughout the U.S., let alone licensed to the Pacific Rim countries only months after. He was also featured in KKSF  smooth jazz magazine.


KJZY Smooth Jazz Sampler


Michael Ross have also shared a smooth jazz sampler CD with artist like Al Jarreau, Oleta Adams, Dave Koz, Boney James and Fourplay and other smooth jazz artists for radio station KJZY 93.7.



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